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Interview with Rick Roy

(January 2010 by RPM Factor)

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Rick Roy or Eric Roy has always been in the personnal watercraft domain since the day he purchased his first jetski.

During the years he's improve his innovations with his own products adapted to freestyle. Promoting inventive spirit in Canadians is important too me; so I hope you enjoy this short interview I had with Rick which will surely interest you all.

Carrier Resume

  • 1990 debut as Canadian champion in amator freestyle and closed course
  • Expert Freestyle champion and #2 in closed course in 1992
  • 4th at World finals in Freestyle Pro and second us national tour 1993
  • 2nd World finals in Freestyle Pro
  • 1er us national tour pro freestyle et 2nd Havasu 1995
  • 1er us national tour pro freestyle et 1rst Havasu 1996
  • 1er us national tour pro freestyle et 2nd Havasu 1997
  • 1er us national tour pro freestyle et 1rst Havasu 1998
  • 1999 start Free ride team Jet Pilot - traveling the world

From windsurf board to jet ski. How did you discovered jet skiing?

I was passionate about windsurfing and I had a company that fabricated parts for windsurf and I wanted a jet ski for the days when there was no wind. When I was hired by the fire department, I got myself a jet ski.

Your first commerce of boom and boards accessories.

The business lasted four years before the drop in the sport which gave me the founds to pursue my career.

Your success and innovations in jet skiing (moves, tricks and mods)

I always tried to invent my own tricks in freestyle and designed my own parts to improve my moves like the barrel roll on flat water on a stand up but mostly the back flip that in known as the "Rickter Invert".

RRP - the story with your associations and the start of your new enterprise. What push you to produce the RRP pole?

During all the years I was designing part and my sponsors would produce them; then they would put them on the market. This was fine at the time but at a certain moment I decided the produce them under my own name.

A look of the creation, the innovations, the conception, the realization of your 3 models.

The details of the jet skis will soon be on the web. We have started with the FS1, that has had a strong impact and after we improved with the FS2. The FS3 is the same as the FS2 but for Polaris engine. Finally the RC1 ...

A peak into your company. Do you have partners? Family enterprise? Produce in Canada, US or other?

The head office is in Canada, surprisingly it is a very small team. I'm in charge of the development, R & D, Jose sales and Julie accounts. I design all my projects and pieces, I make the prototypes myself and test them; that's my advantage. I make sure that the jetkis or pieces work very well on water as a prototype and after I make sure to render a nice esthetic look without altering the results and performances. Also I have a French designer who gave me a hand on the look of the finished product. We have the pieces that are made in Canada, China, Taiwan, Thailand and we have distributors in several countries.


Do you think you will offer your own engine and what is plan in the future?

Future projects - they are many!. RC1 with engine too. My goal is to make the high level jet ski more affordable and for a price that will attract more people.

See the web site of Rick Roy for more information on RRP products